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Controller Services

Ensure the financial health of your business with an outsourced Financial Controller.

Adcon Business Solutions can provide your company with controller services. Tracking business transactions and generating accounting reports are key to ensuring financial health. We offer controller services to businesses in Orange County, Inland Empire, LA City, San Bernardino, surrounding California areas, and beyond. Our expert team generates reports and analyzes financial data. As your controller, we streamline your financial systems.

What is a Financial Controller?

A Financial Controller, also known as a comptroller, acts as a company’s head accountant. They are responsible for overseeing accounting activities. They play a crucial role in balancing business books with accuracy. The work that a Financial Controller does ensures a business’s financial health. They manage finances and produce reports. That way, company leaders have key financial information before making crucial business decisions.

The Benefits of Hiring a Financial Controller

Reporting the historical and current condition of your business’s financial health can be overwhelming. You have other things to do as the business owner or manager. Plus, mismanaged finances can cause legal complications and wasted time or money.

That’s why you should consider outsourcing financial health reporting and management to a controller. Outsourcing allows you to understand your financial health without hiring a costly CFO.


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Choose Adcon Business Solutions for Controller Services

When it comes to ensuring the financial health of your business, you need an expert Controller. Our services are backed by dozens of years of financial reporting experience. We are an independent firm, so we give your business the attention it deserves. With us, you’ll receive accurate and effective bookkeeping. And, we’ll help you make key insights. These will pave the way to profitability.

Our experts manage your business’s finances. With us, compliance, accuracy, and optimized accounting processes are made easier. We tailor our services to meet your business’s needs. Our Controller services include:

  • Management of insurance and benefits
  • Sales tax reporting
  • Federal income tax reporting
  • Human resources and hiring
  • Meeting compliance regulations
  • Creating internal policies and spend controls
  • Coordinating external tax accountants
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Managing transactions and payments
  • Advanced bookkeeping
  • Financial reporting and system automation
  • Budget support

Our team provides an outsourced solution at less cost and greater effectiveness than hiring in-house talent. With the Financial Controllers at Adcon Business Solutions, your business’s financial health is in good hands.

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We offer meeting options that work for you! In-person, video, or by phone for your convenience.

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Adcon Business Solutions, Inc.

Adcon Business Solutions, Inc provides services in Business Bookkeeping and Accounting. This includes Payroll, Tax Services, Cash Flow, and Controller services. Our team are QuickBooks® certified ProAdvisors, and we also work with other bookkeeping and accounting software. We provide both business tax and personal individual tax services. Reema Rajani and her team work to improve your business’ financial health and key business functions. We provide onsite service to the following areas: Orange County, Inland Empire, LA County, San Bernardino, and surrounding areas of California. And we also provide remote services to clients within the US.

To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (714) 369-5859 or (909) 896-8005!

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