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Tax Services

We Prepare for Tax Season – So You Don’t Have To 

Adcon Business Solutions provides expert tax preparation services. We’ll manage your taxes to be sure you’re filing on time with the necessary documentation to save you time and money. We offer tax preparation for both businesses and individuals. Our approach is threefold. First, we manage and meet deadlines and IRS requirements. Second, we give time back to business owners and individuals by minimizing their involvement in the process. And third, we save money for our clients through strategic planning. We provide a clear snapshot of their estimated taxes and find deductions and exemptions.

Choose Adcon Business Solutions for Efficiency and Accuracy

Understanding the ever-changing regulations and deadlines is a daunting task. Frustration, headache, and costly mistakes are inevitable without a certified expert. It may seem like a good idea to “save money” by handling it on your own. The reality is, though, that handling confusing taxes by yourself usually costs more time and money in the end.

With all of the wasted time and risk of incurring fees associated with incorrect tax filing, there’s no reason to go it alone. You have an advocate and partner in Adcon Business Solutions, and we’ll work to get you the best return possible. Many businesses and individuals do not understand how much upkeep and strategy goes into tax season preparations. From IRS documentation to deadlines, to payroll taxes, and preparation, there’s a lot to account for. Hiring an expert gives you peace of mind that everything is handled. Every required document is submitted, and every deadline is met. It also ensures that you file with every possible deduction and exemption, even the ones you may not think of yourself.


To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (714) 369-5859 or (909) 896-8005!

Our Tax Services

Business Tax Services and Planning

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Tax Preparation for Businesses

We offer tax preparation for businesses looking to meet IRS deadlines while saving you time and money. Our experts will manage all parts of your business’s taxes, including obligations, deductions, expenses, estimates, and exemptions. Tax payments and preparation occur throughout the year, so we keep your business compliant. We’ll also identify ways to bring your bookkeeping up to standards to make it easier to file in the future.

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Individual Tax Services and Planning

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Tax Preparation for Individuals

Filing your taxes and staying on top of IRS deadlines is a tall task for busy professionals. We’ll save you time and money with our tax preparation for individuals. Our experts will manage the entire filing process for you, including paperwork requirements, deadlines, deductions, and exemptions.

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To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (714) 369-5859 or (909) 896-8005!

We offer meeting options that work for you! In-person, video, or by phone for your convenience.

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Adcon Business Solutions, Inc.

Adcon Business Solutions, Inc provides services in Business Bookkeeping and Accounting. This includes Payroll, Cash Flow, and Controller services. Our team are QuickBooks® certified ProAdvisors, and we also work with other bookkeeping and accounting software. We provide both business and personal individual tax services. Reema Rajani and her team work to improve your business’ financial health and key business functions. We provide onsite service to the following areas: Orange County, Inland Empire, LA County, San Bernardino, and surrounding areas of California. And we also provide remote services to clients within the US.

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