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What to Expect from White-Glove Accounting Services

By Reema Rajani, founder of Adcon Business Solutions

When you opt for professional accounting services, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best. After all, your business is at stake, and a solid accounting system is essential for success. So, what are some critical tasks your accounting services should cover?

In this article, we’ll discuss the essential tasks of accounting services. While all businesses have different requirements, these are some core things you can expect:


Accounting services typically include bookkeeping, which involves recording the financial transactions of your business. It may include invoicing, tracking expenses, recording income, preparing journal entries, and more.

Bookkeeping is essential for creating financial statements that provide an accurate picture of your business. Regular bookkeeping will also help you identify areas of improvement and plan for the future.

Monthly and Annual Reporting

Your accounting services should also include monthly and annual reporting, which are crucial for budgeting and planning. Your accountant should provide you with a complete set of reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

These reports make tracking your business performance easier and enable more informed decision-making. The profit and loss report can also help you understand where your money is going and identify areas for improvement.

Compilation of Financial Statements

Furthermore, accounting services should include the compilation of financial statements. This involves collecting your financial data, reviewing it for accuracy, and preparing a set of statements that provide an overview of the financial performance of your business.

In addition, your accountants should also provide you with meaningful advice regarding the preparation of your financial statements. Discuss short-term and long-term goals to get a better understanding of your financial situation.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Another critical task of accounting services is tax preparation and planning. Your accountant should be able to file taxes accurately and on time, as well as provide helpful advice on effective tax planning.

They should also be able to keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in tax laws and regulations, so that you can minimize your tax liabilities. Efficient tax planning is the key to maximizing your profits and staying compliant with the law.

Update Inventory Records

Your accountant should also be able to update your inventory records. This involves tracking the number of products on hand, as well as their value and cost. By keeping an accurate inventory record, you can ensure that your business is running efficiently and that products are not out of stock.

Moreover, these records also help in identifying potential losses, theft, or fraud. Also, having an up-to-date inventory record ensures that you have the necessary resources to meet customer demands.

Managing Vendors and Supplier Transactions

The best accounting services include managing vendor and supplier transactions. This includes keeping track of your payments to vendors and suppliers and any discounts or credits you may receive.

This is important for accurate financial reporting and budgeting. As more vendors and suppliers join your network, managing their transactions becomes even more important. To become more efficient, you can set up automated processes to ensure that all payments are made on time.

Wrapping Up!

The best accounting services involve more than just financial reporting. They should include bookkeeping, monthly and annual reporting, tax preparation and planning, inventory record management, and more. When selecting an accounting service provider, make sure they have the necessary skills and experience to handle your business needs.

Additionally, look for a provider that can offer you personalized advice and support. This will ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on other aspects, like driving revenue and business growth!

Reema Rajani

Reema is the founder of Adcon Business Solutions. She has spent over 20 years helping businesses with their accounting and bookkeeping needs. Reema is a QuickBooks® Certified Pro Advisor. She has the experience and knowledge in Cash Flow Management, Payroll Processes, Sales Tax, Account Reconciliation/IRS representation, and Budgeting to help your business.

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